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full control
of your cargo by GPS System

Total control over your cargo thanks to GPS! All our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems GPS, which allows for direct and immediate localization of transport and cargo.

Mega trailer
this is a trailer, which has 101cmb (34 euro pallets) and raise roof - maximum height is : 3m. We use Mega trailer to national and international transportation :

We specialize in international transport. Our offer is also national transport and reliable and comprehensive shipping.

International and national shipping

Many years of experience In transportation have allowed us to get to know very well the national and international business.

We offer a wide selection of transportation services, nationally and internationally:

  • transportation full-truck loads (24t, 34ep),
  • transportation of refrigerated cargo,
  • transportation of oversize cargo,
  • transportation of hazardous loads - ADR

Assigning to us the transportation of your goods to their destination allows you to feel comfortable. We will choose the most efficient way and best duty clearance locations for you. Full and complex servicing of international forwarding.

Basing on many years of experience, as well as conducting and coordinating the development of our fleet, we can fully coordinate and optimize the whole assignment.

Our shipping service is conducted with quickness and reliability!


IMPET is primarily international transportation. Transportation to and form such countries as: Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, as well as Czech Republic and Germany.
More details and all necessary information are located on our webpage.


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