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full control
of your cargo by GPS System

Total control over your cargo thanks to GPS! All our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems GPS, which allows for direct and immediate localization of transport and cargo.

Mega trailer
this is a trailer, which has 101cmb (34 euro pallets) and raise roof - maximum height is : 3m. We use Mega trailer to national and international transportation :

We are specialized in international transportation, mainly in road transports to and from countries such as: Ukraine, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Greece, as well as Czech Republic and Germany. Our many years of experience allow us to give you particularly competitive offers.

Our Offer

Our business is concerned with transportation services regarding road transport of goods in Poland and countries of Eastern and Southern Europe.

Many years of experience regarding organization of transports are one of our main assets. We always aim at making transportation of your goods quick, reliable and, thanks to well-organized logistics, low-priced!

Since 1999 we have been members of the International Road Transport Union in Poland. We have at our disposal fully-functional and modern equipment, experienced, responsible staff and full CMR insurance of transported cargo. All cars are equipped with GPS monitoring systems. We guarantee quick and reliable transportation of goods! We are under constant development, always widening our areas of activities and increasing the numbers of our fleet.

At present, we can offer you 40 fully equipped truck tractors with semi-trailers.


  • on the market since 1984
  • international transportation since the 1990s
  • flexible, developed and well-coordinated fleet of 40 fully equipped truck tractors Renault Magnum
  • all cars are compliant with ecological requirements EURO 5 i EURO 6
  • full connectivity GSM and GPS
  • transportation of hazardous materials ADR
  • short realization times
  • experienced, reliable staff


Czermin 61
39-304 Czermin
Email :

+48 17 77 41 935

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