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full control
of your cargo by GPS System

Total control over your cargo thanks to GPS! All our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems GPS, which allows for direct and immediate localization of transport and cargo.

Mega trailer
this is a trailer, which has 101cmb (34 euro pallets) and raise roof - maximum height is : 3m. We use Mega trailer to national and international transportation :

Transportation, international transportation of goods on the Europe.

We would like to offer to you transportation of good, including:

  • cost-effective contracts
  • possibility of discounts
  • transports based on the EKMT permit (CEMT)
  • short transportation time: 1-3 days
  • vouchers

International shipping

We have for your disposal a continuous offer of full-truck loads In shipping, we also offer constant loads, quick payment terms (7 days).

International transport

Moreover we offer for your disposal:
- set of trucks up to 24t
- canvas semi-trailers of 95 cbm cubature (34 EuroPallets),
- canvas semi-trailer of 101 cbm cubature (34 EuroPallets), Mega semi-trailer (with lifting roof - spatial load sets of 120 m3 (38 EuroPallets).

All our vehicles meet EURO 5 i EURO 6 ecological requirements. Modern solutions implemented with regard to our equipment and staff, e.g. EURO 5 EEV cars, continuous trainings for drivers - economical driving training OPTIFUEL Renault Trucks; they allow for savings of time and money both for us and for you.

Being a company with many years of experience, we treat every assignment individually; we adjust to our customers’ requirements.

When transporting cargo. We can give you valuable advice. Moreover, thanks to the installed GPS monitoring system, for your and our convenience we can establish precise time of delivery and inform you about the current state of your order.

All our duties resulting from customers’ orders are performed reliably and accurately. Extraordinarily attractive prices we offer you are a result of our many years of experience, well-organized staff and full optimization of all our actions.

Semi-trailer dimensions : length (13.60m), width (2.48m), height (2.80m).


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